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I. Diocesan priests

From the beginning of the Apostolic Vicariate of Kottayam for the Knanites in 1911, the diocesan priests have been the back bone of the diocese and they served the community in close collaboration with the bishop of Kottayam. Their service is centered on parishes, especially within the eparchy. It includes pastoral, spiritual and human aspects of life. Their ministry is extended to the major institutions of the archdiocese and also among the knanites in diaspora. Their leadership is well manifested to the fields of evangelization, sacramental liturgy, pastoral guidance and social work. Energetic young men joining the Archdiocesan Minor Seminary offer hope for new vistas of pastoral leadership and fellowship among the Archdiocesan clergy.

II. Oblates of Sacred Heart (OSH)

OSH was funded byMar Alexander Choolapparambil Bishop of Kottayam in 1921. They have been working for the diocese and out side of the diocese for more than eighty years. The youth can lead a monastical life along with parish ministry by joining this community. Those who want to live by devoting their life for Sacred Heart and for the people of God, OSH minor seminary welcomes them.

III. Missionary Society of Pious Xth (MSP)

Archbishop Mar Kuriakose Kunnacherry founded MSP on January 6th 1985 for sending the priests to mission areas in various parts of the world. The society helps the youth to carry on inter and intra mission work in our country.

IV. Order of St. Benedict (OSB)

OSB is the Benedictine religious community which obeys the rules of St. John Guilbert. This community was founded by St John Guilbert at Vallambrosa, Italy in 1037 A.D. This community could offer a lot of superiors to the Church. This Vallambrosan community in India was formed on 20th June 1988. They service in India and Italy.

V. Sisters of St. Joseph’s Congregation (SJC)

Sisters of St. Joseph’s Congregation (SJC) is a women religious congregation in the Archeparchy of Kottayam.  It was founded on 3rd  July 1928 at Kaipuzha by the Servant of God Fr. Thomas Poothathil.  In continual praise of God’s glory, the members transmits His merciful love to all, especially to the poor, abandoned and marginalized, Iike Residential care for the physically and intellectually disabled, Special school for intellectually impaired, Old age homes, centres for the terminally ill (Cancer patients), care and support for the HIV/AIDS patients, Hospitals, Palliative care, Schools, Hostels, Boarding for Girls, Parish ministry etc. The sisters render their services mostly in the Archdiocese of Kottayam, Mission Diocese of Rajkot, Ujjain, Delhi and Bangalore as well as in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and USA. Those who wish to dedicate their lives to Iive in continual Praise of God’s Glory and to transmit His Mercyful Love to the poor, SJC Welcomes you

VI.  Caritas Secular Institute(CSI)

Caritas Secular Institute , the first secular institute in Kerala, was found by Mar Thomas Tharayil, Bishop of Kottayam in 1961, in the light of II Vatican Council. It is a new form of consecrated life instituted for women who strive for perfection by working for the sanctification and welfare of the people through Medico-Social activities. We also get involved in pastoral ministry in various parishes. Members live a vowed life without having any signs of separation from the common people.  We cordially invite young women to take up the challenge of witnessing Jesus and His gospel values in the current scenario by joining Caritas Secular Institute.

VII. Little Daughters Of St. John Gualbert (LDSJG)

The congregation of LDSJG was founded in the year 9th July 1975 at Italy. Founded and shaped by Abbot Joseph Zambernardi. a Vallombrosan Benedictine and Mother Immaculate Kossuth. LDSJG Congregation in India was formed on 8th September 1981, following the Rule of St. Benedict. Main apostate is looking after the senior citizens especially those who are indigent and also engaged in parish ministry, health care activities, social work, teaching in schools etc. The LDSJG sisters are giving loving services in Italy and in India.

VIII. Sisters of the visitation of the blessed Virgin Mary (SVM)

Sisters of the visitation of the blessed Virgin Mary (SVM), an Eparchical congregation in the Archeparchy of Kottayam was founded on 24th June 1892 by the Servent of God Mar Mathew Makil even before the erection of Kottayam diocese. His intention was to provide an opportunity to the women of the knanaya community for religious life and making possible the holistic development of women at large. The charism of the congregation is to follow Jesus, gentle and humble, as mother Mary, lead the people of God especially the women to His salvific love and to attain Christian perfection through religious life. The mission of the congregation is the development of the individual, family and community, especially of the women folk through education.

The main apostolate of the congregation is to provide education to women. The great visionary and missionary Mar Mathew Makil had realized the necessity of educating the girls,as the catholic faith formation of future generation. In the beginning our principal aim was only educating women,later on as the circumstance demanded we widened our mission area to medical field also. At present our sisters are working in different hospitals,Government medical colleges and district hospital Kottayam.  Home mission, Christeen programmes, counselling centers, rehabilitation centers for the mentally challenged, hostels, technical schools, tailoring centers, parish apostolate and various women empowerment programmes are also undertaken by our sisters.  Now there are a total number of sisters working in India, America, Switzerland, Germany and Italy putting into practice with earnestness and uncompromising faith.

SEMINARIANS – 2020-2021


The Vocation Commission of the Archeparchy of Kottayam is reconstituted with the following members with effect from August 22, 2022.

  1.  1. Fr. Thomas Pralel (Chairman)
  2. Fr. Sargan Kalayil OSB
  3. Fr. Jibin Kalayilkarottu OSH
  4. Fr. Jibil Kuzhivelil MSP
  5. Fr. Tinesh Pinarkayil
  6. Fr. Bressan Ozhungalil
  7. Fr. Jeffin Ozhungalil
  8. Fr. Jithin Vallarkattil
  9. Sr. Jenitta LDSJG
  10. Sr. Kiran SJC
  11. Sr.Bhagya SVM
  12. Miss Sabitha, Caritas Secular Institute
  13. Mr. Joy Kuzhimparambil, Kurumulloor
  14. Mr. Sabu Koithara, Uzhavoor
  15. Mr. Jose P.M Vengackal, Punnathura
  16. Mr. Philip Theyathettu, Kaipuzha
  17. Mr. Suji Pullukatt, Maridom
  18. Mrs. Jessy Poothakkatt, Kaipuzha
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