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Remembrance of Knanaya Preshitha Kudiyettam and Knai Thomman Day Celebration

  • March 7, 2023

Mar Mathew Moolakkatt, Metropolitan, said that the strength of the Knanaya community lies in their unbroken relationships. His Grace preached during the thanksgiving mass held at the Kottapuram Holy Family Chapel, which was organized by the Knanaya Catholic Congress in Kodungalloor to celebrate the Knanaya Preshita Kudiyetta Sangamam and Knai Thoma Day. According to him, our unbreakable relationship is based on our relationship with God and our brothers. Therefore, we should be able to keep our hearts burning as an unquenchable lamp and as an unbroken power. To commemorate our immigration, we should renew our decision to live with God and hold tight to the guidelines given by Him, which strengthens our relationship with the church and the fathers. Our forefathers protected their faith and heritage, even in times of crisis, and stuck to their beliefs. Although there may be difficulties in our path, we should be able to continue on the path shown by our forefathers with unshakable faith in God. The purpose and meaning of migration should burn our hearts even more, and we should pass it on to future generations. We can maintain our relationships by following God’s commandments and the instructions of the church. We should be able to accept endogamy and ecclesiastical instability and move on.Mar Mathew Moolakkatt called upon the children of the community to advance without deviating from their basic values.

Before the conference, K.C.C. President Babu Parampadathumala hoisted the flag. Mar Mathew Moolakkatt was the chief celebrant in the thanksgiving mass that followed. The Vicar General Fr. Michael Vettikkatt, Fr. Michael Nedumthuruthilputhanpura, Fr. Jaymon Chennakuzhi, Fr. Baiju Mukalel, Fr. Philmon Kalathra, Fr. Simon Pullatt, and Fr. Jose Kurupantara assisted in the Holy Qurbana. Fr. Stephen Kandarapalli offered the Ancestral Remembrance Prayer.

The Vicar General Fr. Michael Vettikkatt flagged off. Mar Mathew Moolakkat inaugurated the general meeting, and KCC President Babu Parampadathumala presided over it. Fr. Michael Vettikkatt, Thomas Chazhikadan MP, Stephen George, Baby Mulavelipuram, Thambi Erumelikara, Jose Kaniyaparampil, Lincy Rajan, Sharu Sojan, John Theruvath, Tom Karikulam, M.C. Kuriakos, Shiju Kuranayil, Binu Chengalam, Sabu Kariserikal, and others gave speeches. The KCWA Parampancheri Unit performed Margamkali.

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