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Vallombrosan Benedictine Congregation was founded by St. John Gualbert in the year of 1036, in vallombrosa near Florence. When his brother was killed by another man, John was in search of the murderer to kill. On a Good Friday, John saw the murderer and about to kill him. But the murderer begged pardon in the name of the crucified Christ. John Gualbert forgave him and then he felt the inner love towards the crucified Christ: he went to the church of San Damiano in Florence, where the crucifix turned to embrace him. After a few years of prayer and reflection he founded the congregation of vallombrosans, giving importance to community life – in charity of love. At the time of his death there were nearly 12 monasteries around the Italy.

In the Archdiocese of Kottayam


OSB_MonasteryIn 1988 at the request of then Abbot general, Antonio Lorenzo Russo OSB, the priory of Our Lady of Montenero, Livorno, founded seminary in India, in the diocese of Kottayam, Kerala with the permission of Mar Kuriakose Kunnassery, the bishop of Kottayam. The Vallombrosan Community in India is founded in Oriental tradition in the Syro – Malabar Major Archiepiscopal Church, with due permission from the Congregation of Oriental Churches, Rome. The Vallombrosan Benedictine Congregation with due permission from the Congregation for the Oriental Churches (Prot. No. 136/88 dt. 25 Nov. 1988) has in this Archeparchy an oriental branch.

When the Vallombrosan community in India is celebrating its silver jubilee in India (2012 June 2013), consist 25 solemn professed priest monks, 8 simple professed monks, 3 novices, 7 postulants and 35 candidates. Mar Mathew Moolakkattu OSB, present Archbishop of Kottayam is a member of vallombrosan congregation. The new OSB monastery “Mariyamala Monastery” (St. Mary’s Mount Monastery) is at Pazhuthuruth, Kaduthuruthy. Minor seminary for the aspirants is at S H Mount, Kottayam and the theological and philosophical study house in Bangalore.

Carlos Dayara, S.H.Mount P.O., Kottayam -686 006. Tel: 0481-231 0764

Prior: Rev.Fr Biju Thazhathucheruvil OSB

PriestPhone Number
Fr. Ajeesh Kunjarakattil9496320645
Fr. Anish Kalapurackal OSB07639535255
Fr. Biju Vallarakattil8281016980
Fr. Bino Cheriyil (Florence)00393661236634
Fr Chanaparayil Thomas9566332058
Fr. Cheriyil Bino (Montenero) 0039-3895316779
Fr. Dhaneesh Kossakuzhiyil OSB8547740387
Fr. Jinsho Thottathilkuzhiyil0039 3286437206
Fr. Jibin Keecheril8547919444
Fr. Jinse Puthupullimyalil9495995977
Fr. Joseph Puthuparambil9447678908
Fr. Joby Muprappallil9446201944
Fr Kalapurayil John (Aneesh) 9846585114
Fr. Kannala Michael (Hosur) 8760707487, 9845449064
Fr Keecheril Joseph (Jobin)8547919444
Fr. Kochuparambil Philip (Pordenone) 0039-3341841459
Fr Kozhimparampath Stephen8606489036
Fr. Kunjirakattu Ajeesh(SKPS) 9496320645
Fr. Muprappillil Joby (Montenero) 0039-3895316778
Fr. Nibin Peedathattel OSB0039-3667327895
Fr. Njarolical Sinto(Rome) 0039-3804368503
Fr. Padinjarekunnel Shaji (Dayara) 9447464371
Fr. Pannorayil Boby (SKPS) 9447041914
Fr. Pannorayil Joby (Bangalooru) 9446201944
Fr Peedikaveliyil Thomas (Jerry)9400280229
Fr. Philip Kochuparambil9446524039
Fr. Puthupallymyalil Jins(Bangalore) 9964958572
Fr. Puthupallymyalil Roy (Pordenone) 0039-3347355826
Fr. Sabu Vellarimattathil7034297745
Fr. Sanoop Kaithakanirappel8281809763
Fr. Sargan Kalayil9946691423
Fr. Shinto Valiyaparambil+393394057412
Fr Sinto Njarolickal OSB+39 339 4786863
Fr. Smijo Theradiyel OSB00393664683235
Fr. Thazhathucheruvil Biju (Montenero) 0039-3386845482
Fr. Theradiel Smijo (Dayara) 9496413550
Fr. Thervalakattayil Tomy (SKPS) 9447464111
Fr. Thottathikuzhiyil Jinsho (Montnero) 0039-3337681740
Fr. Thomas Chanaparayil OSB+393318440217
Fr. Tomy Thervarvalekattel9447464111
Fr. Ullas Valamparambil OSB00393669564167
Fr Unnukallel Joy-
Fr. Vallarkattil Biju (Rome) 0039-3317755714
Fr Valiyaparambil Luke (Shinto)8281539675
Fr. Vellarimattathil Sabu9496591714
Fr. Vineesh Tharayil9632982264

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