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Knanaya Academy for Research and Training (KART)

Archeparchy of Kottayam, considering the felt need of the time to coordinate various activities that stand for integral development and the requirements of the Knanaya community members, initiated the Knanaya Academy for Research and Training (KART) in 2010. KART is committed to take every effort to enrich our human resources ensuring the achievement of each one’s goals and aspirations.

Vision:  A Knanaya Community Par Excellence

Mission: Transform the Knanaya Members in to fully contributing individuals to the well being of community & Society


  • Self Reliance of Knanaya Community in tune with Christian Values
  • Guide, develop, Rectify attitudes of knanaya youth
  • Promote & conduct Applied researches & Evaluation studies
  • Action plan formation for vale based career development
  • Training to preserve traditional christian & Knanaya Culture
  • Conduct Resource mapping and avail expertise
  • Function as a centre for information
  • Disseminate significance of successful career

Main Focus

  • To identify talented students and youth from the Knanaya Catholic Community in India, and to facilitate them with possible encouragement of their talents
  • KART envisages promoting meaningful and productive academic study and research focusing on various issues and institutions of the Knanaya community
  • KART encourages research projects undertaken by individuals and by the teachers at various schools and colleges
  • A Knanaya Padana Kendram is another activity of the KARTfor the promotion of local study and research at Parish level is proposed
  • KART Initiated Knanaya Research Portal to make available the studies being conducted on our community at various places and levels

Knanaya Stars Programme

Knanaya Stars project was initiated by the Knanaya Catholic Archdiocese of Kottayam in 2005 with the initial financial assistance of Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Annamma of Kanjirathungal family from USA.

Knanaya Stars is a major programme of the KART. The aim of this project is to identify talented Knanaya Students studying in class 7 and to give continuous training to bring out the best in them and to mould them as leaders in all walks of life. Currently in 11 batches 423 members actively involving in the Knanaya stars programme.

Main objectives of the programme are:

  • Train talented students and youth to make them outstanding proffessionals in their field of interest. The goal shall be to help them to set, optimum target on thier skills & talents
  • To promote the multi-faceted talents and needs of our youth
  • 11 batches were already selected and regular ongoing training is being given
  • Intensive training programme imitated for 5 to 10 batches
  • Active social media interaction with parents is being conducted

In order to strengthen the Knanaya Stars programme of the KART, it is decided to form a selected Mentoring Group including Priests, Nuns and layman for the Knanaya Stars. These mentors are identified, selected and trained carefully on the basis of their talents and capabilities in various fields. A group of mentors are allotted to each batch of Knanaya Stars and the groups are in constant touch with the stars and their parents. They conduct house visit of their respective stars and motivate them. They also organise several intra-group programmes for the academic and all round development of the stars in their group. The WhatsApp group of the mentors is also very lively and interactive.

A new initiative has taken to form a“Mentor cum Resource Team” from our community have started. Potential mentor from the existing mentor is identified and training was given. The objective of the Mentor cum Resource Team is to motivate and inspire our youth in the proper direction.

Another programme of the KART is the Higher Education, Professional and Career Guidance programme for the Knanaya youth. We have conducted Higher Education, Professional and Career Guidance training programme for the Knanaya Stars and other students studying in class 10, 11 and 12 every year under the leadership of expert resource persons from our community and outside. Details of the new generation courses and programmes were introduced to our students.



Mar Mathew Moolakkatt

Archbishop of Kottayam


Very Rev. Fr. Michael Vettickat


Prof. (Dr.) Jose James Pannivelil

Academic Director

Dr. Mercy John Moolakkatt

Knanaya Stars Programme Coordinator

Fr. Thomas Pralel

Knanaya Stars Programme Facilitators

Rev. Sr. Beena SVM

Knanaya Stars Programme Facilitators

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