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Caritas Ayurveda Hospital


The caritas ayurvedic hospital was established in the year 1999 and is situated about 1 km from the main road secluded from the rush and noise of town surrounded by a beautiful herbal garden with calm atmosphere and can enjoy here the freshness of unpolluted air and refreshing breeze for mental relaxation. The hospital accommodates self contained rooms and cottages. Treatment, however, is given purely in ayurvedic traditional line. Panchakarma or the five fold treatment helps in toning up the body and rejuvenate it.The five fold treatment (panchakarma) are Emesis (Vamana), Purgation (Virechana) Enema (Vasthi), Nasal administration (Nasya) and Blood letting ( Raktha moksha).


All type of chronic diseases is being treated by specialists at Caritas Ayurvedic Hospital. Purificatory treatments as Panchakarma and its upakarma as snehana,  swedana and others and also all other reputed kerala treatments as Pizhichil, Sirovasti, Dhara, Navarakizhi, Vasti, Udvarthanam, Abhayangam, Nasyam, Kizhi, Beauty care programme, Rejuvenation Therapy (rasayana  chikilsa), Body immunization ( kayakalpa chikilsa), Medicated stem bath, General massage, Rejuvenation massage, Slimming programme are carried out here by experts .

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