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SVM Congregation


Sisters of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (SVM), an Eparchial congregation of the Archeparchy of Kottayam was founded on 24th June 1892, the feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus at Kaipuzha. It was founded with dual intention of providing an opportunity to the women of the Kananaya community for religious life and making possible the holistic development of women at large. It was the dream of the founder of the congregation, Servant of God Mar Mathew Makil to uplift the women folk through education and good living.


The charism of SVM is to follow Jesus, gentle and humble (Mt.11:29) as mother Mary, lead the people of God especially the women to His salvific love and to attain Christian perfection through religious life. The mission of the congregation is the development of the individual, family and community especially of the women folk through education, medical care, parish ministry, family renewal programme, counseling and other charitable activities based on gospel values. The Motto of the congregation is “Live+Jesus”. St. Francis De Sales, St. Jain De Chantal and St. Margeret Mary Alacoque are the Heavenly patrons of the Congregation. Sr. Mary Aley Aleswa and Sr. Mary Margaret were the pioneers of the congregation. Now there are 600 sisters working in India and abroad, putting into practice with earnestness, the uncompromising faith, deep sense of prayer, exceptional love of the neighbor with which the founding father was blessed.

The Visitation sisters convincingly believe that it is by the strong mediation of their founder Servant of God Mathew Makil that we broaden our sphere of activities by remaining to be the true witnesses of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We pray that the Servant of God Mathew Makil give tranquility and peace to those who still approach him.

An overview

SVM at a glance: Members: 600
Novices: 11
Postulants: 12
Aspirants: 24
Convents: 65
Hostels and Boardings: 12
Communities in other institutions: 14

Superior General                  : Sr. Anne Jose SVM

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