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St. Pius X Knanaya Syro-malabar Parish, Los Angeles

VICAR: Rev. Fr. Siju Mudakkodil, Phone: 210 630 2295

Knanaya Catholic immigrants from Kerala have started the migration to Southern California since mid-1970. The community has grown to almost 80 families, serving in the health care as well as today’s Hi-tech industries, and in various other capacities.

On August 5, 2001, the Los Angeles Knanaya community requested Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath to establish a separate Knanaya mission in Los Angeles. Bishop approved the request and established St. Pius X Knanaya Mission in Los Angeles on March 17, 2002. Fr. Abraham Mutholath is appointed as the Mission Director. Fr. Thomas Animoottil took charge as the director of St. Pius X Knanaya Mission in 2003. The Mission’s regular Holy Mass once a month was held at St. John Eude’s parish hall and later moved to Korean Apostolic Church in San Fernando Valley.

Rev. Fr. Baby Kattiyankel also rendered his service to this mission during his stay in Los Angeles. The sisters of the Visitation Congregation and St. Joseph’s Congregation arrived in Los Angeles in 2000.
Fr. Thomas Mulavanal was appointed as Director of the Los Angeles mission on August 25, 2005. After his arrival, the mission started three Sunday services and catechism, two in San Fernando Valley and one in Artesia. Solemn celebration of St. Pius X feast started in 2006. Visitation sisters bought a convent house in the city of Downey on February 5, 2009.

The mission bought a Church in Montebello, CA on July 29, 2010 and remodeled to fit the liturgical needs of the Catholic tradition. His Excellency Mar. Jacob Angadiath consecrated the St. Pius X Church on July 31, 2010. His Grace Mar Mathew Moolakkatt celebrated the mass in the newly consecrated church and His Excellency Mar Joseph Pandarasseril delivered the homily. Mar Jacob Angadiath appointed Rev. Fr. Thomas Mulavanal as the pastor of the parish. When he was moved to Chicago as the Vicar General and Director of the Knanaya Region, Fr. Siju Mudakkodil is appointed as pastor of the parish from October 18, 2014. This parish now serves 83 Knanaya Catholic families living in Southern California. The Liturgical celebration on Sunday is at 10:30 A.M. and is followed by religious education classes for the children. The faith formation of the children takes the priority over all other activities. A potluck lunch is distributed every Sunday after our liturgical services. This and all the other parish activities keep the community as one family.

1. Sisters of Visitation Congregation SVM, Los Angeles:
Three sisters of the Visitation Congregation arrived in Los Angeles in 2000. They bought a convent house in the city of Downey on February 5, 2009. Without prejudice to their service in the hospital they provide pastoral support to St. Pius X Knanaya Catholic Church, Montebello