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Presbytoral Council Members

“A presbyteral council assists the eparchial bishop by its advice in those things that regard the needs of pastoral activity and the good of the eparchy” (CCEO 264).  Moreover “the eparchial bishop is to hear the presbyteral council in matters of greater importance and he must consult it in cases expressly determined by common law; however, he needs its consent only in cases expressly determined by common law, without prejudice to the right of the patriarch regarding matters of the eparchy he governs to have only to consult the presbyteral council even in these cases. The presbyteral council can never act without the eparchial bishop…” (CCEO 269 #2, #3)


Mar Mathew Moolakkatt
Mar Joseph Pandarasseril

  1. A.     Priests retired from the active ministry
    1. Fr. Jacob Kalapurayil
    2. Fr. Simon Edathiparambil
    3. Fr. John Chethalil
  2. B.      Priests in active ministry above 55 years of age
    1. Fr.Jacob Mulloor
    2. Fr. Cyriac Padapurackal
    3. Msgr. Mathew Elappanickal
    4. Fr. Mathew Kuzhippillil
    5. Fr. Jose Tharapputhottiyil
  3. C.      Priests between 40-55 years of age
    1. Fr. Thomas Animoottil
    2. Fr. Winson Kuruttuparambil
    3. Fr. Saji Kochuparambil
    4. Fr. Luke Karimpil
    5. Fr. Jose Kuruppanthara
    6. Fr. Stephen Cheekkaparayil
    7. Fr. Joy Kalavelil
    8. Fr. Mathew Kuriathara
    9. Fr. Symon Pullattu
    10. Fr. Thomas Puthiyakunnel
    11. Fr. Stephen Vettuvelil
    12. Fr. Mathew Parathottumkara
    13. Fr. Thomas Pralel
    14. Fr. Saji Methanath
  4. D.     Priests below 40 years of age
    1. Fr. Saiju Puthenparambil
    2. Fr. Bins Chethalil
    3. Fr. Johnson Neelanirappel
    4. Fr. Binu Kunnath
    5. Fr. Alex Olikkara
    6. Fr. Byju Mukalel
    7. Fr. Gibil Kuzhivelil
    8. Fr. John Poochakattil
    9. Fr.Bibin Kandoth
    10. Fr. Mathews Valiyaputhenpurayil
II Ex-Officio members (Clause 20)The Protosyncellus
The Pro-Proto Syncellus
Syncellus for the Malankara Region
The Economus
The Chancellor
The Rector of the Minor Seminary
The Superior of the S.H. Mount Monastery
The Director of Chaithanya Pastoral Centre
The Director of Barmariam Pastoral Centre
The Director of St. Pius X Missionary Society
All the Protopresbyters





P.S. The following Priests are listed for substitution as per Clause 25.

A.1. Fr. Joseph Kochuthazham
2. Fr. Luke Puthiyakunnel
3. Fr. Jacob Chollambel

B.1. Fr. Jose Tharapputhottiyil
2. Fr. Cyriac Manthuruthil
3. Fr. Jacob Valel


1. Fr. Prince Mulakumattathil
2. Fr. Joy Kattiyankal
3. Fr. James Ponganayil
4. Fr. Boby Cheriyil


1. Fr. Prince Thypurayidathil
2. Fr. Winson Pulivelil
3. Fr. Joby Puchookandathil
4. Fr. Brezon Ozhungalil