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Phone: 0481-2563527, 2563812, 2300453 Fax: 0481-2563327

Phone number of Priests

PriestPhone Number
Fr Achirathalackal Baiju9961346585
Fr Adoppillil Jose9447457250
Fr Adoppillil Thomas9446858624
Fr Akkaparambil Alex9446266250
Fr Alparayil Manoj34636027614
Fr Anchempil Bibin9495685657
Fr Animmoottil Philip9447315312
Fr Animmoottil Thomas9446408195
Fr Appozhiparambil Cyriac9446202510
Fr Appozhiparambil Philip9447808006
Fr Areechira Jose
Fr Avanikkunnel Mathew (Jinu)8281537657
Fr Champakara Pathrose
Fr Chazhisseril Mathew34671994733160
Fr Chazhicatt Jose9446604642
Fr Cheekapara Stephen9447640378
Fr Chellakandathil Mathew9495544407
Fr Chennakuzhy John9446421646
Fr Cheruvil James9447126272
Fr Chethalil Bins9446984438
Fr Chethalil John 9495481405
Fr Chirapurath Jose9447418105
Fr Chirapurath Joseph (Sanal)9656066515
Fr Chollambel9447868879
Fr Edathiparambil Simon9446202522
Fr Edathiparambil Thomas17347654493
Fr Edatt Mathew9496941044
Fr Edattu Baiju00393669731124
Fr Elappanickal Mathew9497223220
Fr Elavunkachalil Anoop9400740475
Fr Ettieppillil Mathew9447808400
Fr Ezharathu Joseph9447813962
Fr Illikunnupurathu Jose0012819575264 (Res)
Fr Kachanolikal Joby34671995601
Fr Kadavichirayil Jose9447418252
Fr Kaitharam Lallu 9447319246
Fr Kalapurayil Jacob9495469152
Fr Kalarical Abraham9744230013
Fr Kalayathumoottil Luke9961401225
Fr Kalluvettamkuzhy Joseph9447807568
Fr Kandarapally Stephen61432076524
Fr Kanjirathummoottil Joseph (Sujith)9847478829
Fr Kalavelil Joy9980340105
Fr Kaniyarkunnel John 9447118078
Fr Kannampadam Abilash9048497280
Fr Kappukalayil George 9447888989
Fr Karimpil Luke 9447475792
Fr Karimpumkalayil Thomas 9446180505
Fr Karrisserickal Philip9446270590
Fr Karukaparambil Joy9495807464
Fr Kattakayam Michael9387011715
Fr Kattel Renny
Fr Kattiyangal Baby9449825153
Fr Kattiyankal Joy 9447889473
Fr Kavil Jinu9447317153
Fr Kayyalakkakath Joseph (Saneesh)9744187938
Fr Keezhagattu Joseph9447331063
Fr Kochadampallil Mathew (Bijo)9495874434
Fr Kochuparambil Abraham9446708469
Fr Kochuparambil Boby9446925276
Fr Kochuparambi Lijo9496336014
Fr Kochuparambil Saji9446920693
Fr Kochuparambil Shanju9446334298
Fr Kochuparampil Regi9495608116
Fr Kochuputhenpurakal Thomas9497748877
Fr Kochuthazham Joseph9656618591
Fr Kolakkattukudy Stephen9446878654
Fr Kollaparambil Jacob 9847001022
Fr Koottanal Stephen41765250977
Fr Koratty Alex 9447916723
Fr Kottarathil Jacob9562110156
Fr Kottoor Thomas9447279894
Fr Kumbuckal Thomas9495082733
Fr Kunnakkattumalayil Liju9496342526
Fr Kunnakkattuthadathil Jomon9408527941
Fr Kunnassery Thomas9847787145
Fr Kunnath Binu9400178876
Fr Kurisummoottil George 9496552775
Fr Kurisummoottil Thomas 9447379331
Fr Kuruppinakath Jacob9447598272
Fr Kurupanthara Jose 9447806656
Fr Kuruttuparambil Winson 9447236491
Fr Kuzhivelil Jibil9496461950
Fr Madathikalathil Dominic 9605721222
Fr Malayilputhenpurayil John044-7913653154
Fr Malithuruthel Jacob9495188644
Fr Mampuzhackal Thomas9446983045
Fr Manakattu Mathew
Fr Manapuram Joseph001-832 724 3613
Fr Mankottil Bineesh0039-3334213192
Fr Mankottil Jacob9497224471
Fr Manthuruthil Cyriac9446973401
Fr Mattathil Cyriac9745506678
Fr Mavelil Mathew9846023957
Fr Maveliputhenpura Thomas9947958366
Fr Meledath Mathew001- 248-820-1190
Fr Methanath Saji9544131316
Fr Moolakkatt James9447648073
Fr Mudakalil Philip9495388658
Fr Mudakkodil Siju
Fr Muklel Abraham (Byju)9497156259
Fr Mukalel Kuriakose 9448723495
Fr Mukalel Rogi9447403607
Fr Mulakumattathil Prince9846276923
Fr Mulavanal Thomas001-310-709 5111
Fr Mulloor Jacob 9447961474
Fr Mutholathu Abraham001-773-412 6254
Fr Nandikunnel Peter (Joice)8547163376
Fr Naramagalathu Binoy
Fr Nedumthuruthilputhenpurayil Michael9446924175
Fr Nedungatt Jose9495338264
Fr Neelanirappel Johnson 9447488022
Fr Nellikkakandathil Jijo393273370757
Fr Olikara Alex9497610463
Fr Padapurackal Cyriac9446712978
Fr Padinjarekkara Stephen9447650029
Fr Parackal Sunil9446220438
Fr Paradiyil Abraham 9495195653
Fr Parakkacharuvil Joby
Fr Parambett Abraham 9446202872
Fr Paranickal Alex 9447359395
Fr Parathottumkarayil Mathew9446211520
Fr Patheeparmbil Jomy9447910175
Fr Patyal (Baby) George9447690870
Fr Pazhukayil Simon004-999 127 08721
Fr Peringelil Cyriac9605843331
Fr Perumanoor Sunil9495538063
Fr Pinarkayil Saji
Fr Placheripurath Luke (Jobin)8281306749
Fr Plathottathil James9495022267
Fr Polakal Mathew9961583623
Fr Ponganayil James8547936477
Fr Poochakkattil John9496465425
Fr Poothara Shaji9446201976
Fr Poovathummoottil Abraham9446236492
Fr Pralel Thomas9447859295
Fr Puchookandathil Joby9495111739
Fr Pulivelil Vinson9448549114
Fr Pullattu Symon9447289182
Fr Puthenparambil Saiju9544217721
Fr Puthenpurackal Saji9447649834
Fr Puthiakunnel Luke9497744637
Fr Puthiakunnel Thomas9447306650
Fr Puthukulathi Abraham9496321931
Fr Puthuparambil George9447507304
Fr Puthusseril Jemy
Fr Ramachanattu Philip9447276038
Fr Sauriamakal Joseph001-214 432 0155
Fr Thanadasseril Mathew34637175763
Fr Tharapputhottiyil Jose9447259178
Fr Tharayil Biby003-932 944 97390
Fr Tharayil Biju9562620738
Fr Thazhathottam Kuriakose9447150753
Fr Thekkethil Philip9446920796
Fr Thekkumkattil Stijo9961813996
Fr Thekkunilkkunnthil Jose9447409789
Fr Thodukayil Philip9447612836
Fr Thuruthiyil Kuriakose9947963876
Fr Thypurayidathil Prince9961673618
Fr Unnukallel George9744038515
Fr Uralil Simon9495189056
Fr Vadakekadankary James9447368852
Fr Vadakkethotty Thomas9447323084
Fr Valavumkal Cherian9496802421
Fr Valel Jacob9495446656
Fr Vallarkattil Joshy9447888467
Fr Valiyaputhenpurayil Mathews9744682133
Fr Valiyaveettil Kurian9400611178
Fr Vandannoor George9446757203
Fr Vattampuram Boban9447548066
Fr Thomas Vattothuparambil9400284565
Fr Vellian Jacob9947407166
Fr Vengacherry Sunny9447224931
Fr Vetticat Michael 9447365180
Fr Vettuvelil Stephen9562620379