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Christ the King Knanaya Catholic Parish, Dallas

VICAR: Rev. Joseph Thomas Chirappurathu, Phone: 872 305 1345

Before the establishment of the St. Thomas Syro Malabar diocese of Chicago, Knanaya Catholic Association of DFW, the lay organization, organized both spiritual and social activities for its members. In the year 1994 Fr. Joseph Meledom was appointed as the Director of the Knanaya Catholic Mission by the Diocese of Dallas. Fr. Joseph Manapuram followed him in 1998. He was replaced by Fr. James Cheruvil .

These priests ware available only on Sundays of each month as they were full timers in Houston. The desire of the faithful to have a full time priest was realized by the appointment of Fr. Joseph Sauriamakkel in July 2009. The number of Knanaya Catholic community continue to grow with more migration from India and new arrivals from different parts of the US. The dream of the community to have their own parish was realized when they purchased the facility located at the center of the metroplex, 13565 Webb Chapel Road.

The facility consists of a sanctuary, chapel, auditorium/ gymnasium, a twenty room educational facility and some other rooms and halls. The church was consecrated and dedicated to Christ The King on July 26, by Bishop Jacob Angadiath, the Bishop of St. Thomas SyroMalabar Diocese of Chicago.

The beautiful consecration were attended by laymen from all over America, India, as well as hundreds of enthusiastic members of the community. It was a proud day for the community with the participation of dignitaries like Archbishop Mathew Moolakatt of Kottayam, Bishop Joseph Pandasseril, Bishop George Palliparampil, Bishop Mark Seitz, Mayor and Police Chief of the city of Farmers Branch, governmental, political and community leaders from India etc. The membership in the parish continue to increase with new families relocate to the area. The current Vicar Fr. Mathew Meledath was appointed on January 25, 2015. We are thankful to the St. Thomas SyroMalabar Diocese of Chicago, Bishop Jacob Angadiath and Bishop Joy Alappatt for their whole hearted support to this parish and to the members of the community.

Fr. Jose Chirapurath is the present pastor of this parish. This parish serves around 120 Knanaya Catholic families in Dallas Fort worth & northern part of Texas.