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Easter Reflections 2014

Easter gives us a message hope, life and salvation

April 10, 2014

Holy Week Reflections VI (H. Saturday)

We die with Him in Baptism in order that we may participate in his resurrection

April 10, 2014

Holy Week Reflections – Good Friday

Jesus saves us in the cross and through the cross

April 10, 2014

Holy Week Reflections V – Maundy Thursday

The act of giving himself to the earthly beings denotes His divine love

April 10, 2014

Holy week Reflections IV

Find out our God's plan for our life and pray for it

April 10, 2014

Holy Week Reflections III

Our vocation is to be broken for many; a kind of kenosis

April 10, 2014

Holy Week Reflections II

Jesus died for us and for the salvation of the whole world

April 10, 2014

Holy Week Reflections I (Palm Sunday)

Palm Sunday invites us to climb to the city and to the cross with Him

April 10, 2014

Bl. Chavara Kuriakose and Bl. Euphrasia to be Saints

Bl. Chavara Kuriakose and Eupresiamma to be named saints on 23rd November 2014

April 3, 2014

Why do Catholic Bible Differs from Protestant Bible in Number?

Why do Catholics have 7 more books in their Bible?

October 8, 2013