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Pope Francis and Evolution Theory

Did Pope Francis change the Bible and Catholic concepts on creation?

Synod on Family 2014 in Rome and Media Agenda

Why did the interest groups and media lobby want to propagate a confusion on the Synod?

St Therese of Lisieux the Patron of Missionaries

Pray for CML specially on October I, the feast day of Little Flower.

A Christian without Holy Mary and Holy Church is an Orphan: Says Holy Father

Our relation with Holy Mary and the Holy Church is the criterion and the measuring rod to understand our Christian lives

Sacred Heart Devotion in the Kerala Church

Month of June is set apart for special prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Follow Jesus and Witness Him: Pope Francis

The Christian who does not bear witness, is sterile.

Follow Jesus with Sincerity: Pope Francis

Follow Christ without vanity, without desire for power, without lusting for wealth

Veneration to Holy Mary

This video gives us an idea about the basis of our devotion to Holy Mary

Pope Pius X and the Archdiocese of Kottayam

Through the bull In universi Christiani Pius X erected the vicariate of Kottayam in 1911

Animation (Cartoon) of Pope Francis l

The life of Pope Francis is depicted in the cartoon and it is useful for the kids