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Bible Apostolate



Bible commission is formed to sow the seed of Gospel into the hearts of our people and bring the Knanaya Catholics to a wonderful God experience. The prime aim of the commission is to spread the good news among the families, parishes and in the minds of our Knanaya Catholic people. It is felt that our people should have a Gospel centered life and come closer to God. The commission serves in various ways and means to foster the spiritual values of our people by organizing diocesan level Bible distribution to the needy parishes, conducting Gospel based seminars, Bible conventions, Gospel based competitions, visit to holy places, and other Gospel based spiritual activities. Secondly the commission serves as K.C.B.C diocesan unit for Knanaya Catholics. All the programmes that are planned by the K.C.B.C will be executed in the diocese by the commission. Bible Sunday, Bible festivals, logos quis etc. commission members also take part in all the seminars organized by the P.O.C. And attend all the correspondence courses conducted by them. The commission actively supports various Gospel studies based on the Gospel values and recommend the parishes to carry out the same. There are 17 members in the commission dedicating their valuable time for the smooth running of various activities. They meet vocationally (thrice) during the year and prepares the action plan which is to be carried out in the diocese, especially among the Knanaya community and evaluate its progress time to time.

Under the able guidance of Fr. George Puthupparambil the following members carry out the Gospel services in an effective manner.

  1. Fr. George Puthuparambil (Chariman)
  2. Fr. Bineesh Mangottil
  3. Sr. Ancitom SVM
  4. Sr. Neetta SJC
  5. Sr. Renit SJC
  6. Sr. Rejeena SVM
  7. Sabu Mathew, Koithara
  8. Shelly Joseph, Alappattu
  9. Jancy Joseph, Kunnathettu
  10. Nimmichan, Vadakkamcheril
  11. Stephen Abraham, Odimuzhangayil
  12. Manoj Joseph, Thaikottu
  13. Baiju, Velikizhaklethil
  14. Miss Suja Puthiyaparambil