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Basic Catechism Text Book in English

Basic Catechism Text Book in English

  • August 5, 2019

Commission for Catechesis in the Archeparchy of Kottayam publishes Basic (Primary) Catechism Text book in English. The book is for initiating children to basic prayers and catechism in the early childhood. Parents can teach them basic prayers (Namaskarangal) in the house itself. We have an age-old tradition of forming children in the house.

Normally, grand parents would do that mission helping the children to by-heart prayers and Namaskarangal. Since a good number of families in Knanaya community is outside proper territory, away from the homeland, grand parents who are in India cannot do that mission.  Against this background, Commission for Catechesis prepared a book for the children.

We hope that both parents and children can benefit from this venture; we can form christian families and christian conscience wherever we are.  Book is available at Jyothi book house, Kottayam and Catechism Office at Chaithanya Pastoral Centre, Thellakom.