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Thousands gathered for Purathunamaskaram at Kaduthuruthy 2019

kaduthuruthy valiyapally purathnamaskaram 2019.

Summer Courses for Catechism Students 2019

Siloha course for plus two students and Effatha course for plus one students in April-May 2019 at Thuvanisa

Sunday School Scholarship for X, XII winners

Mons. Kooplikatt Foundation award for X, XII winners in Sunday School final exam

അതിരൂപതയിലെ പ്രസ്ബിറ്റേറിയം ജനുവരി 29 ചൊവ്വാഴ്ച രാവിലെ 10 മണിക്ക്

presbyterium on jauvary 29&30 2019, at thoovanisa

Sad Demise of Fr Jose Chazhikatt

Funeral will be on 31 January at St Rokkey’s Church Areekkara at 2.30 pm

Sunday School X, XI, XII Final Exam 2019 January

Sunday School Annual Exam for X, XI, XII students is on 26th January 2019. Msgr. Kooplicatt Memorial Cash Award for winners

The Eparchy of Kottayam was erected exclusively for the Southist (Knanaya) Catholics in 1911. The Knanaya Community traces its origin from a group of Jewish-Christian emigrants from Southern Mesopotamia to the South Indian port of Cranganore in AD 345, who formed themselves into an endogamous community. They co-existed peacefully in the Indian nation and fulfilled their missionary purpose of re-invigorating the Church of St Thomas Christians. The original community consisted of about 400 persons belonging to 72 families of seven septs headed by Thomas of Kynai. A bishop by name Uraha Mar Yousef, four priests and several deacons were among them.


As the Catholicos of the East had promised the emigrants that he would send from time to time bishops to India, Uraha Mar Yousef had successors till the end of the 16th century.

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